How mobile app testing ensures you stronger user engagement and app conversion?

Discussion created by janicehunt on Oct 5, 2017

The majority of mobile app developers from all around the world agree that application testing and quality assurance is one of the fundamental pillars for any given mobile application project. Most of the testing methodologies and processes are targeted to critically identify various types of errors and performance issues. These pre-launch testing methodologies are mostly implemented during the application development process in order to bring as much performance and exclusivity as possible.

But in addition to these operational testing methodologies and process, a more recent trend for giving greater attention to the area of A/B testing has been identified and recognized by the global community of android app developers around the world. According to most of the leading mobile app development companies in Florida like this company, the majority of app providers prefer integrating comprehensive A/B testing modules before launching the app as it enables them to gain valuable facts regarding the various aspects of the app in case and could improve them before publishing it to the Play Store.