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LP_GetScalarMeasurement - function returning the value -99999.99

Question asked by on Apr 12, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2017 by allen.henley

I am using IQmeasure Dll for LitePont automation of IQXel  using  IQAPI with the help of python scripting tool.

To retrieve the “rmsPowerNoGap” value from the LitePoint.

I am following steps,

  1. LP_Init(1,0) – Initializes the MATLAB environment for running IQmeasure.  It returns ERR_OK
  2. LP_InitTester(LP_IP_ADDRESS,0) - Initializes a tester. It returns ERR_OK
  3. LP_SetVsa(c_double(sChannel), c_double(sPowerNew), c_int(int(LP_RF_PORT)), c_double(float(0)), -25, c_double(5e-6), c_double(float(0)))- Sets up VSA for data capturing. – It returns ERR_OK
  4. LP_VsaDataCapture(c_double(sSampleTimeInSec), c_int(6), c_double(80e6), c_int(8)) - Perform VSA data capture.It returns ERR_OK
  5. LP_Analyze80211b(1, 0, 1,c_double(8.8e-6),c_double(15.2e-6)) - Perform 802.11b Analysis on current capture. It returns  ERR_NO_CAPTURE_DATA,
  6. But while capturing the data using LP_GetScalarMeasurement(“evmAll”, 0) function, -99999.99 (a special defined negative value) will be returned if no measurement available



My point here is until step 4 LitePoint is returning ERR_OK, but in step 5 why it is returning the ERR_NO_CAPTURE_DATA,


can any one tell do i need to use any special permission set in IQXel for IQAPI to retrieve analyzed data.